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The Continental 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner will easily maintain a desired temperature. With quiet operation features and a natural taupe colour, Continental’s 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioner will effortlessly blend into the landscape of your home.



  • 44,500 BTU’s
  • Chlorine-Free R-410A Refrigerant
  • Compact Aluminum Coils
  • Advanced Coil Technology
  • WHISPER QUIET™ Operation
  • Highest Quality Filter Drier in the Industry
  • Industry Leading Compressor

Please note that inspections are necessary for installation. Free local inspections available.



Continental air conditioners are made with environmentally conscious, chlorine-free refrigerant R410-A. By using a refrigerant that is chlorine-free, Continental air conditioners do not contribute to ozone depletion. In addition, R410-A refrigerant reduces power consumption and increases the durability of your compressor, extending the life of your Continental air conditioner. The purchase of a new Continental air conditioner includes a 10-year compressor limited warranty, a 10-year parts warranty, and a 3-year labour warranty.

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